Starturn offers four core areas of functionality that enhance the post design documentation process within the CADSTAR desktop PCB design environment. This includes advanced export functionality for bill of materials (BOMs), enhanced drill drawing exports and report generation, assembly drawing creation and a new where used search capability. This user friendly tool allows designers to compile design-derived manufacturing and purchasing reports in minutes rather than hours.

BOMs can be exported into various file formats, including html, Microsoft Excel and XML, and for a fully tailored output, the user can specify exactly what design fields should be included.

Drill drawing functionality is more extensive in this tool, than with CADSTAR alone. starturn will generate drill tables within the PCB design, saving time associated with having to cut and paste from drill reports. Mark up of drill holes can also be carried out various ways within the design using this tool.

Improved assembly drawing generation is another of starturns core capabilities. Circuit references, for example, can be sited in multiple places within the design, through the association of attributes. Searching for parts within the parts library is also more expansive, with functionality that allows a user to select any part and search within any file directory. This is particularly useful when managing parts obsolescence.

RS274-X Gerber files from other CAD systems can be imported onto documentation layers for rework or design reconstruction.

The Where Used tool enables existing designs to be searched for all instances of a component, part or logic symbol for design reuse or obsolescence purposes.